The Magic Of Cousins

And now: It’s August, in case you hadn’t noticed, or, like me, are mentally still in early Spring—although the heat makes it hard not to notice something summerish is going on in a big, uncomfortable way (here in the valley).

Summer means cousins. Two! Arriving to the perpetual delight of my son. He laughs at 8 year old H’s jokes and antics, the best audience an 8 year old boy could have. He does whatever his 4 year old cousin A tells him to, with joy. He follows them everywhere. Up trees.

Tree kids!


Strike a pose!

Plays quietly in the sand for an hour, then—

Quiet sandplay…

screams for an hour when H becomes the scary sea monster—again and again and again.


All very good exercise promoting healthy appetites.

Making faces while eating!

Leading to much cozy downtime and a good night’s sleep for all.

Cousin downtime is magical.

A mama breathes easy. Then goes out and parties with her sisters until 1:30a.m., drinking Sex On The Beach and dancing like a madwoman. Yep. Good times. I heart summer, people. I. Many hearts. Summah. Woo hoo! zzzzzzzzzzz….

A mama parties. And pays for it the next morning…



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  1. Sooz says:

    Yesss!!! Nice post. For some reason I have not read this blog in a loooong time. Too much sex on the beach, I guess.

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