Interlude: Pancakes


O Pioneer Woman! Grasshopper has failed you. Everyone knows your pancakes would never come out brown. Okay, black. Try as I might, I can’t reach golden/fluffy. I think because I get paranoid the cake isn’t cooked all the way through, thus—burnage (reminds me of my cookie exchange experiment). I hated eating half-cooked pancake when I was a kid (and attempting my own cakes because Pater and Mater were—not home). I shall keep trying. Some day, perhaps when I have a griddle and not an electric stove from the 1950’s, I shall—no, I will definitely be successful.

Luckily, though, the little boy loved them. His first multi-grain-sauteed banana-OJ-plain yogurt-wheatgerm pancakes. Wolfed ’em down. I love my baby.

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  1. PB says:

    PW does have state of the art cooking equipment—but still, PB, pancakes? Come on! You’ve got to be able to cook an unburnt, extremely appetizing-looking pancake for your son. Have another cup of coffee and try harder! Or stick one of those Trader Joe’s frozen pcakes in the microwave for 5 seconds and give your baby that. It’s gluten free, at least. I think. Anyway, whatever you do, don’t let your son believe you’re incapable of creating a delicious pancake, a food favored by all children everywhere (and babies)!!!

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