Two Valentines…

Two V Day bags.vbag13.jpg

Which bag did I present to my husband? Which bag did he present to me?

Keep in mind that I am the SAHM of an energetic toddler with sleep issues, a mommy who sticks her cell phone in the fridge thinking (not thinking) she is sticking it in her purse, who can’t find her reading glasses when they’re on top of her head, who is baffled as to why store clerks chuckle at her, realizing when she reaches the car and has packed groceries and baby inside and happens to glance in the rearview mirror that she has Gerber Hawaiian Delight mixed with rice cereal on her face and uneven ponytails.

Big V bag!

He gave me a beautiful huge bag filled with chocolates, a necklace with a shell vaguely shaped like a heart, a coffee mug in the squat Hobbit-crockery shape that I enjoy, a super-mini-teddy bear and all those wonderful V Day things I pooh-poohed when I was single (because dates and Valentine’s Day never coincided), like heart shaped chocolates, which T enjoyed examining and dropping into our shoes.

Teeeeeeny V day bag!

I gave him that other bag with Target swimming trunks stuffed inside, snatched from the rack as T verged on a melt-down.

It’s good to be loved.

3 Responses to “Two Valentines…”

  1. PB says:

    PB!!! You forgot to get a Valentine for your SON!!!

  2. Sandy, Mother of 4 says:

    Perfect! What a wonderful Husband you have. He not only loves you he thinks about what yiu might like. Don’t worry about Taylor’s valentine, he’d just eat it anyway.