Blog Braaaaaaake…

Said in Sean Connery voice: I don’t know what day it is, damn you! I have been moving forever! Get. Me. My. Mother! Get me a chocolate-filled croissant—w/the Eiffel Tower! Then get me a Scotch Egg. Will this madness ever stop! Why is it so quiet in the suburbs? Ah—ack—I hear a dog’s bark. A little dog. Barking. Not a baby—a dog. A Scotch dog! Damn it! Now I’m hungry!


One Response to “Blog Braaaaaaake…”

  1. PB says:

    Oh, PB—why, why did you have to mention Scotch Eggs? I’ve been dreaming about them for weeks and now will have to go in search of a pub. Darn you, PB! Want to come?