Operation Valley Village

Why I like Valley Village:

1. The turtles

2. Areas specifically fashioned for relaxing (as the squirrel obviously knows)

3. Pleasant house bits that catch the eye

4. Smart gardening: drought resistant-ish plantings everywhere

And most importantly I like Valley Village because:

7. HE likes it

Hey, Valley Village, guess what? Yes, that’s right: We’re coming home. To V.V., where you won’t find discarded mattresses or grungy loveseats sans cushions on street corners.

I just need a little time to rustle up a few things that will get us into the neighborhood…Time? Time! What time! Shhh…



3 Responses to “Operation Valley Village”

  1. PB says:

    Sooooo–you like blue shutters? I don’t know about you, pb. Personally, I believe a used loveseat can go a long way and provide many valuable uses, such as a place to store a National Geographic subscription. And such.

  2. Sandy says:

    GREAT PIX. I.m sure Tay likes it BUT you don’t want a pool Too scary. Fine to visit. Blue shutters and water, very Mediterranean.

  3. Mike says:

    I love this pic!It’s so sweet!

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