Mother to a toddler, wife, writer (never in that order), not much sleep, one heck of a big healthy boy to experience it all with. And my husband, too, of course, to experience. It. All. With…First time parents, we have much to discuss—like: what to do if an earthquake hits while we’re showing him the zoo.

My full bio is on the mainpage of my website. There you can view some of my publications, my chapbook and further conversations with my husband on the NEWS page and my many sporadic links on the MASCOT page (below Charlotte) and maybe I’ll have an event to list, if I’m lucky.

I post my blog-bits every Sunday—however, if the fever takes me I may blog all over the calendar. Gross.

Thanks for visiting. Come back soon. And bring coffee better than mine (instant is better than mine).

Zuma fun!Taken after I had sleep.


Taken after no sleep.

The One Vice Holder
The Vice Holder, gift from my son, Mother’s Day, 2008
PS. No, there are definitely no ads on my little site.

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